Navigation device

• The Map of Europe (included CRO, BiH, MN, ALB, SRB )
• LCD screen, Touchscreen
• Battery: Lithium Ion autonomy up to 1 hour
• On-board computer displays: current speed, maximum speed, time trends, stop time, route planner, point of interest...

Baby seats

• Baby seats which are placed in the opposite direction of travel, 10-13 kilograms
• Baby seats for childrens until 18 kilograms and which are placed in the direction of driving and opposite direction
• Baby seats for childrens between 9 -18 kilograms which are palced in the driving direction
• Car seats for children between 15-36 kilograms (per child age 3-12 years old)

Roof rails

For the purposes of the larger luggage space on your journey in its range of additional equipment offers you roof rails and roof boxes.